Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday everyone, im soooo in work right now and i didnt even get to look at my easter eggs waaahhhh....the clocks went forward an hour too so even though i was scheduled to be in at 8 this morn, technically im in at 7 :yawn: :cry:
Still Shannon, at least you will be able to stuff your face tonight when everyone else has finished theirs.

Have a Great Easter.

i only got one egg but its ok it was a huge mini eggs one v tasty! i am not eating it all today its just too big and theres only so much chocolate a girl can take! ill explode!!!!! xxx
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
which countries or religions dont celebrate easter? xxx
We celebrate Easter, but 2 weeks after Catholics and Protestants.
Well, it's easier to say which countries do celebrate - all Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant countries.
Basically all Christain Peoples and Religions celebrate Easter as the crucifiction and resurrection if Christ, saviour of the world, and son of God according to Christians.
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
thanks smil 4 that info i was really curious i just assumed everyone celebrated easter at the same time! what religion do u follow? xxx
You are welcome hun :)
I am Orthodox. But it's all Christianity. The only difference is that Orthodox ppl celebrate Easter, Christmas and New Year 2 weeks after Catholics and Protestants. You are Protestant, right?
At the end of the day, all the christian religions are very similar! In fact all real religions are theoretically quite similar depending on how each religion views Jesus!