Irish News: Wi-Fi network covers Cork City

Smart Telecom and Cork City Council have teamed up to launch what is believed to be the first citywide high-speed Wi-Fi network in Europe.

The new MeshHopper service is the first publicly accessible metropolitan area wireless network in the country. Unlike regular hotspots which allow users to access high-speed internet services providing they are within a relatively short distance from a base unit - such as within the confines of a hotel or cafe - Smart Telecom's service covers a 1.5 sq kilometre area which means that users will be able to roam within the whole of Cork city centre without losing their internet signal.

The network will be accessible by the public via credit card on any wireless compatible device such as laptops and PDAs. Although the service will initially be free, the company is due to start charging for it almost immediately.

Lucky for you if you live in Cork!

Awwww nightmare i live in Waterford, right next door...i want it too. Cork gets everything :cry:

And as for the Cork accent...if any of you have heard it, its a bit special lol...sounds a bit like tinkers trying to speak French :lmfao:

What will we do Irish people if the President is ever from there?!! Can you imagine? Can you imagine the holy mortifying shame of it :doh: , addressing the united nations lol
Shannon said:
Yeh isnt waterford beautiful Lee? Are you actually from Turkey or are you from this neck of the woods?
Born in London, Slumming it in Kusadasi with hot sun everyday and loads of G&T and a dash of lemon he he