Getting your priorities in order when you finally move here will almost certainly see English television high on the list.

Sky TV whilst available is really not practical or economical. To guarantee a picture you will need a minimum 5m dish which will cost you a couple of thousand pounds. Cant see your neighbours appreciating a 5m monstrosity on your property either!

However, all is not lost.

There are various satellite services available in Turkey and the most popular is Digiturk.

Digiturk is Turkey's equivalent to Sky TV.

A broad range of programming including the usual Movies, Sport, Kids and Documentaries. Various tarrifs are available, however the Full Package can be quite expensive over the course of a year.

Downside: Contacting Digiturk is not different from communicating with Sky Help Desk - They are rubbish and will be held on the line forever.

Upside: Kusadasi has a couple of Agents that are helpful and prompt. Digiturk requires only one antennae and this can be discreetly fixed to your home.

If you have some internet and computer experience, you may well like to consider the next option.

Purchasing a digital satellite receiver will allow you to customise your viewing material across different satellites.

The most popular of these satellites is


Together, these two should provide you with enough viewing to keep you occupied on those cold winter nights. In total around a 1000 different programs albeit in various languages not all the 1000 will be suitable.

You can get BBC Prime which is the ex pat version of the BBC and includes material such as Eastenders and other popular programs.

The downside is that you will invariably be viewing the channels without a subscription therefore, you will be required to update your receiver with new program unlock codes to continue viewing.

Codes can change once a month depending on the service provider. Updating is not difficult (if you purchase the right receiver) and all codes are available on the internet.

Alternatively for a small charge, there are shops in Kusadasi that will update your receiver as and when required.

I can thoroughly recommend one retailer in Kusadasi.


A family business with very good service personnel and a professional approach to your new installation.

Their English is a bit flaky but they are top notch and will NOT sell you anything you do not need.

Prices are not tiered because you are a foreigner - one price for all.

Finally, a good satellite model, especially for ease of update would be the Goldmaster 9400

Upside: Once installed and paid for the receiver is always yours. Free range of programming and no monthly fees.

Downside: Updates are required to keep certain channels open.

Good luck and feel free to post if you need any advice.
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
i really know i would miss english tv it roks but it looks very problematic and expensive!!! xxx
Well you certainly wouldnt be happy with just Turkish television alone. EVERY channel is just full of damn adverts AND to top that, every program, film, sport or music, they have horizontal scrolling adverts about a 1/4 of the screens height therefore blocking the program. These ads can run intermittently every few minutes or so. Its awful.

Even a good film will be splattered with advrtising and the final two minuters of the film (the important bit usually) you can expect 15-20 minutes of advertising before your final ending to the film!

How annoying is that!
thats sounds extremely annoying! i love watching mtv in my otel wen i come to kus its german but all the programmes are english and its really funny! and there are a few english programmes but ill miss my channel 4!!! xxx


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When I was in Turkey, the only channel we got that was worth watching was some Turkish music channel. And all they did was play like 15 songs...then they just started playing them all over again continously. After 2 weeks of the same tune's I was ready to scream.

That advert thing sounds SO aggravating. In England the adverts are dead short, in Holland they go on for about 10 minutes...But it sounds a hundred times worse in Turkey. Thats why I like BBC1..advert free heaven.
we always think the adverts are long here though but we are obviously lucky lol! awwww that wud kill me hearing the same music over and over! before i went 1st time i watched non stop mtv so i wouldnt be behind on my music then wen i got there i had it all lol! i always heard Ozone - Dragostea din tea or watever its called i loved it!! xxx


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Great infomation !

Thanks for the infomation I was intending to get hotbird satellite in june when we are next in Kusadasi.
If you have to input codes to unlock your satellite which web sites provide them please so I can take them with me everytime we go.
googling hotbird will bring intresting sites !:eek:
It would be great to be able to see turkish tv via broardband as our learning of turkish is going really slow ,unfortunatly the show channel is blank are ther any others ?
are metro and kral etc etc on normal tv? as in no subscription needed?
Do you have to get any television license? We have a satellite on our new house but i havent got a clue what it picks up!


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Kral and show are certainly on normal tv .
You can pick up about twenty channels on normal tv .
But most are terrible !
Hopfuly we will be able to get some English radio channels through satellite to !
We bought sat tv in May now get about 600 channels, but most are foreign although there a good few in english too. Cost next to nothing and when to unlock codes we just take the box back n the guy does it free. Even get live english football but thankfully no soaps.
Hi Lee don't know the nameof the shop we bought from but it's almost next door to Golden Oldies. Brilliant service mate. Hope ur keeping well, we're back for New Year.


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ally said:
Hi Stuart

For a decent make of Plasma tv you are looking at paying around £3000 here in Kusadasi.

:huh: wow!!!

mind you, if you buy here & take over with you, id hate to pay the excess luggage fees!! :doh:
No you don't get a tv licence from what we have been told. The licence is included in the buying price of a new TV, it is a one off payment, that covers the tv as long as its used.
So if you get a second hand tv its licence will have been payed by its original owner.
I think this is a good way of doing it.