Registering with the embassy / consulate


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All foreign citizens residing in Turkey are advised to register their presence in the country either with their Embassy or Consulate.

The essential purpose of registration is to facilitate and expedite communications between the missions and foreign residents in Turkey during local emergencies.

The Turkish Government are responsible for providing emergency relief and medical services in the event of an emergency, such as a catastrophic natural disaster so it is beneficial to register.

The Consular assistance will most likely take the form of determining your whereabouts and well-being, informing your status to family in your home country, collecting and conveying information on a responsive basis to you about both the emergency situation and Turkish governments emergency services.
**claire** said:
Consulate of Britain (United Kingdom), Izmir

Address:1442 Sokak,
Phone :(232) 463 51 51
Fax:(232) 465 08 58
This embassy is very difficult to find as Izmir is soooo Big! Parking is a no no! and the Embassy itself is so small you can easily overlook it.

Having the address can prove futile for Izmir taxi drivers.

The other problem is opening times. They open at 10:30 close for lunch at 12:00 reopen at 13:30 and close for the day at 15:30

Nice work if you can get it!

I have chauffered hotel guests before to Izmir Consul and would recommend you use someone who knows where they are going. Would be glad to help if anyone is in a real fix as I know how frustrating this can be. Contact the team at