The Chemist FAQ

The Turkish chemist, Eczane (Pharmacy) are usually open from 09:00 - 19:00 on weekdays and Saturdays.

They are closed on Sundays but there is always one open 24 hours in each neighborhood.

Every pharmacy will have a display in its window (which is posted each evening, on Sunday, and on statutory and religious holidays) listing the name and location of the pharmacy that is on duty.

Such a system ensures that during crucial moments you will always be able to find one open pharmacy.

To save time and money searching for the one open pharmacy, you can dial 118 and request the information however, you will need to speak Turkish or ask your neighbour to make the call for you.

Some useful Turkish words used in a pharmacy :

Antidote: panzehir
Aspirin: aspirin
Bandage: sargi
Capsule: kapsul (pr Kapsool)
Cologne water: kolonya
Condom: prezervatif
Diet: pehriz
Digestive: hazmettirici
Emetic: kusturucu
Emollient: yumusatici (pr Yumushartigi)
Enema: lavman
Gargle: gargara
Hot-water sack: buyot, sicak su torbası
Hydrophilic cotton: pamuk (pr pamook)
Hydrophilic fabric: sargi bezi
Ice bag: buz kesesi (pr berz kesisi)
Inhalation: bugu (pr boojoo)
Injection: igne (pr inay)
Injection: zerk etme
Invigorating: kuvvetlendirici
Laxative: mushli (pr Mooshli)
Lotion: losyon
Medicine: ilac (pr Iluch)
Eye Drops : goz ilaci (pr Gooz iluch)
Pill: hap (pr Hup)
Pill: komprime
Powder: toz
Salve: merhem
Sanitary pad: hijyenik pet
Sanitary protection liner: gunluk pet (pr Goonlook pet)
Sedative: teskin edici (pr Teskin Edijee)
Syrup: surup (pr Shoorup)
Talc powder: talk pudrasi
Thermometer: derece (pr Derejee)
Toothpaste: dis macun (pr Dish Marjon)

pr = the pronuniciation


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a few useful phrases ....

I am ill/ I am in pain: Hastayım/ Ağrım var

I am diabetic/Asthmatic: Şeker hastasıyım/astımlıyım

I‘ve got something in my eye: Gözümde bir şey var

I have stomach-ache: Midem ağrıyor

I have a sore throat: Boğazım ağrıyor

I have a tooth-ache: Dişim ağrıyor

I have a cold: Üşütmüşüm

I have the flu: Nezle oldum

I am nauseated: Midem bulanıyor

Where can I find a doctor?: Nereden doktor bulabilirim?

Where can I find a dentist?: Nereden dişçi bulabilirim?

How many should I take per day?: Günde kaç tane almalıyım?
Thanks Lee and Claire....again really helpfull for me. When we put all the threats with translations together we would have a great dictionary !! ;)