kirazlı(cherry) village festivals

I was in the village, trying to move in - great timing! Didn't go to the festivities though. The village was heaving, Jendarma everywhere marshalling cars and parking. The headman having a nervous breakdown because he has been planning this all year. Poor guy was even putting announcements out over the mosque speakers last week imploring people to paint their houses before the festival - I saw someone paint a tree as a result!

I prefer the village when it is nice and quiet.



I think it does SS- I remember seeing posts about it in the last couple of years - I've never been but always wanted to go- maybe this is the year I'll finally make it.
After years of absence the CHERRY FESTIVAL will be back on June 8 & 9! It will be held in Kuşadası on the first day with among other activities a tractor parade and the next day in Kırazli Köyü with a farmers & craftsman market, election of this year's cherry queen and lots of folklore (music, dancing, food). There will be a concert by Suzan Kardeş and Yol Arkadaşları! Have fun!!!