Can i bring my pet's with me??


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If you wish to bring family pets with you when you relocate to turkey there are a few important things you should know.

Firstly You need to ensure that pets are permitted in your new home.

Flying your pet to Turkey isnt as hard as you may think ...some airlines will allow you to take pets as excess luggage, so the fees are not to high. if the airline you are flying with will not allow this, ask them about Cargo options ..they will be able to put you in touch with a recomended cargo shipping agent.

you may have problems flying pets during the summer months, most airlines have a embargo during may-sept as the temperatures are to high to ensure comfort & safety of the animals.

Check with your vet at home for up to date entry requirements, but here are the basics...

Health Regulations for Animals on Entry to Turkey

- A 'Certificate of Origin' giving the health record of the animal.

- A 'Certificate of Health', issued not more than 15 days before the animal's entry into the country, stating that the animal is in good health and that it has been vaccinated against rabies.

Note: If you have an official certificate, you may bring one cat, one bird, one dog and 10 aquarium fish into the country.

Health Regulations for Animals on Exit

If you wish to take your pet with you when leaving Turkey there are some legal procedures you should bear in mind. First check with the consulates of your transit and final destination countries for their regulation regarding pets then;

- Apply to the Mayor Office (Belediye) asking for "Mense Belgesi" (certificate of origin).

This document officially certifies that no rabies and epidemic diseases have been present at your area.


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I would hate to bring my dog on holiday with me. It would feel like babysitting. What is it gonna do? Sunbath next to you? Go drinking with you on bar street?
yeh that is also a good point i feel like that with bringing my lil sis tho :p nah thats mean i just dunno what we'd do with her if we went to bar street shes 11 but looks abt 13 would she be able to go to? i think so as iv seen very young ppl there xxx