Earthquake in Indonesia Island - 8.2 richter scale

x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
wow was this today? was anyone killed? xxx

Joanne...... the links are in the post by Admin and at 8.2 I would say that its more that likely that there will be many deaths now and further problems with the possibility of more aftershocks in the region.

Use the links!

x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
i did lol i just miss things!! awwwwwww that is terrible! the people there are still recovering the last incident that is not fair!!! xxx
and.... Any chance of a tourism recovery is finished.

I realise thats not the majority of inhabitants concern, they do so like Turkey rely on tourism to fund the economy.


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Admin said:
i remember in the latest Asian Tsunami Disaster that; tsunamis occured few hours after the eartquake.

i think more bad news coming..
:( :( shit..that's really awful, I hope to god there ain't no Tsunami to follow..

Thanks for letting us know Admin..


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How horrible! CNN TV says that earthquake lasted about 3 MINUTES!!!!!

Tsunami warning issued after quake off Indonesia
Thailand issued a warning about possible tsunamis after an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 hit off Indonesia today. The quake struck along the same fault line as the one that caused December's deadly tsunami. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration suggested evacuating coastal regions within about 620 miles of the quake's epicenter.
x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
iv just seen it on the news that is really terrible i hope the people are ok! xxxx
Yep - Latest reports....

Nearly 300 people are feared dead on the ancient and remote Nias island in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Hundreds of houses are believed to have collapsed on the island, which is about 125 miles west of Sumatra and close to the epicentre of the earthquake.

Government officials say 290 people are feared dead and many have fled their homes.

Police said power cuts are hampering the rescue work.

Agus Mendrofa, deputy district head on Nias, said: "Hundreds of buildings have been damaged or have collapsed.

"People who were standing fell over. There may be dozens of people buried in the rubble."

The UN is to bring in helicopters to assess the damage along the coast in Indonesia.

The island of Nias is home to about 500,000 people.

At least 340 died in the Boxing Day tsunami which also left about 10,000 homeless and without food.

The island is a popular destination for adventurous surfers and scuba divers.

The island is also known for its ancient traditions based on animalistic beliefs, which are reflected in huge stone monuments and tribal dances.


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It Just gets worse!!!! :(

Indonesia's disaster centre said on Tuesday around 1,000 people were killed in the latest quake -- one of the eight biggest in the world since 1900 -- while the country's vice president said the toll could reach 2,000. The quake struck near Nias island off Sumatra and devastated the main town, Gunungsitoli, knocking out its airstrip. Bad weather was hampering initial efforts to rush in emergency aid.