Whats Your Ringtone.......

From Sky News......

The ring on your mobile phone could speak volumes about the type of person you are, according to a new survey.

Research has been carried out into the different mobile rings and what each one represents.

Women should be wary of any man that has rude or animal sounds emanating from his phone - especially the popular Crazy Frog - as it shows the man to be little more than a boy.

Those fashionistas who have the latest charts hit as their personalised tone may believe they are always in vogue but such constant changing indicates an unreliable character.

People who opt for the old fashioned ring tone think they are ever so high-brow but may end up coming across as pretentious.

Ageing rockers are not left out of the study, unimpressed with the latest tunes, they will opt for polyphonic versions of My Generation and More Than a Feeling.

If a mobile user has recordings of them or their partner or child, the survey suggests they be more than a little self-obsessed.

On the other hand, the standard tones could mean a lack of daring or even an aversion to technology.

The research, carried out by Tesco Mobile, showed that 21% of those questioned thought having a standard ringtone was "uncool".

Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 25% said the first thing they did on acquiring a new phone was to personalise the ring tone.

But for 66%, they had got so annoyed with someone else's choice of mobile tone that they had either switched off the phone or asked the owner to do so.

My frog tone is def going! LOL


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Thats dead interesting.

Lol I HATE the crazy frog...they NEVER stop playing adverts for him over here. Now they have started that f%*king annoying chick one too ''I may be small, i may be curte, but baby i know how to move my feet HIT IT'' Ahhhhh I swear if I hear it one more time i will not be accountable for my actions.

I have the actual 'carwash' ringtone from Sharks tail.. Its kinda annoying because everytime the song comes on MTV or TMF i think my phone's ringing.


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Crazy Frog ...aaaggghh!!!!!!

ive got different tones for different people.

my favorite is my Tarkan Kiss kiss ...for my Turkish calls!! :)
My main ringtone is a greekish song, from the disc HAREM 3. One of the best!

I have "Story" from Musti Sandal for my best friend

"Turkish delite" for my turkish fellas

And for the other friends i recorded their voices...