i want to move kusadasi

shahbazsheikh said:
dear all.
can u help me plz anybody from kusadasi i need abt information how cvan i put my clothing bussiness there.
Welcome to the Forums shahbaz....etc etc, bloody hell thats a long user name!

The question you ask is difficult to answer without more information about your business and your finacial position.

If you want help, we will be glad to help but please post more information.
I am shocked - you speak very basic english on the forum but your use of the forum poll system (which is not exactly easy - you master on your second post!

You are def Moderator material!
hello shehbaz! welcome to the forum hope u find info on what ur looking for sorry i cant be of much help but im sure someone can! just wanted to say also the name Shehbaz roks we nicknamed my friend Shears that and its stuck for like ever! so proud theres another in the world!! xxxx


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:D Random kerfuffle...

Welcome to the forums Shehbaz, Hope ya like it here chick and find it very informative. Sure Super Duper Moddy woddy Merlin will be able to help you - He is 1/2 Einstein & 1/2 Google.


we also sing shehbaz shehbaz oh baby when she moves she moves im crazy!! (to the tune of ricky martin's she bangs) so if i ever holler that at u im terribly sorry hehe xxx