Hi you all !!

Does anybody can sent me some pics of the Friday-market...the way it's looking now I am gonna have my flat there !! I can't remember beiing there and wanne have an idea what it looks like...Already found some pics you posted on here Umit....can you take some more for me ??? Pleasseeeeeee ;)

xxx Love ya
Hey Eline, dont have any pics, but its a nice area, u will like it there. Stayed there a couple of times my self.
The only thing that can make u a little annoyed is that they start to scream early in the morning/afternoon, so that can wake u up.. And thats not so fun if u got home at 8 or something like that :p
Thanks Charlotte, my friend told me it's a nice area an near to centre....can walk everything...I am getting really exited now!! :cool:

Just wanted to see some more pics of have an idea !
Friday Market

Hey The Friday Market Is Where I Spent My First Holiday In Kusadasi And Although The Hotel Was A Kip The Area Was Nice But It Does Get Very Noisy As Its A Very Busy Part Of Town With Or Without The Friday Market.

Ya Will Love It Anyway Hun

Oonie said:
Now we all know where to find you on :D :D

oeps there goes my anonymous time in Kus.. :eek: Only joking looking forward to see you all !! :friends:

At frist I am gonna spent some time in the flat om my friend after that probably at FridayMarket...I am saying probably because it already chanced a few times....well Turkey he.... :p