Need help/Ideas

Hey everyone, I need some help/ideas quickly, so get your thinking caps on :D

I have to run motivational courses over the next couple of weeks at work. (I work in a call centre where the agents morale is at an all time low and the atmosphere is crap, who can blame them sitting talking crap on the phone all day).

In the past we have carried out team games such as a Premiership football league, A Grand Prix, Survivor etc, but I am running out of ideas. I am also working on a pretty tight budget. I have done a Google search but not getting too many results. My problem is that it has to be something the guys can do while still calling on the phones, with little time to spare for running around etc. You guys are mostly mad (meant in the best possible way :D ) so I was hoping you might be able to give me a few ideas. You will really be doing me a huge favour and I will love you forever and ply you with the drink of your choice if I meet you in Kus.

Thanks guys ;)


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funny you have posted this ....last night on my local news they did a focus on a call centre in Norwich.

showed what they did for team moral etc..

they various themed days, the theme would run thru out the day & they would have certain words that they had to get into conversations with the customers ...the theme they showed was a bed time theme, everyone came in in there Pajamas, slippers etc...they had also done popstars, film stars etc etc..

the words they had to get into the conversation was nothing to outragious, but enough to make the day a bit comical for the staff.

they would have various prizes thru out the day for best costume, most effort, etc etc ..

they also put on a lunch for the people who made the effort to take part (i think people brought in a dish, again relevant to the theme) ..sausages in blankets (sausage rolls) for the bed time theme.

they interviewed some of the staff & they all said that they didnt like the idea to begin with, but it was good fun, and seeing everyone make an effort brought up morale. the organiser took pictures of the events & they made a big notice board in the office with all the pictures on!


Hey Oonie Will Pm Ya In A Min Hun About The Hotel
But There Is A Game That Wouldnt Involve Any Money And Its Hilarious . Just Grab An Item From Anywhere In The Building Say A Bottle Of Wine Opener And The Whole Room Had To Make Improvisational Talk About That Item. What I Mean Is Say You Have The Wine Opener And Your Name Is Dr Fanny And Your A Gynocologist And Whoever Next To Ya Is The Patient Who Is Complaining Of Whatever Its Probably Best Done In Pairs. I May Not Be Expaining Myself Very Well But I Know We Did It Before And Some Of The Most Simplest Things Became Objects Of Sadomasochism/ Like A Sponge Became A Lethal Cyanide Hankie Or A Loo Brush Was A Colonic Irrigation Treatment Etc.
Hope That Didnt Sound Like Complete Bullshit Cos I Am In A Heap With The Flue And My Brain Aint Functioning Properly

Thanks Claire. That's given me something to think about, although we have tried theme days in the past. It's always the same, some people go to great effort but the majority don't bother.
Hmmmm, maybe if I crack my whip lol and tell them they HAVE to wear their pyjamas to work :D
(Not that any of them ever listen or take heed of me!! lol)


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one i just remembered from my old work place...

We all had to bring in a picture of when we were a baby, all the pictures were pinned up on a notice board, & everyone had to guess who was who ...

Put people in teams, produce a quiz (general knowledge) best team wins a prize??
Hey Oonie

Hey What About Doing Something Funny Like Getting One Person A Day To Play A Practical Joke On The Whole Team As Long As Its Within Reason .
We Had More Laugh With Some Money Tied To A Piece Of String Or A 50p Glued To The Floor.

I Dunno Its A Hard One To Do All Right

Thanks guys. I know I've been pulling my hair out. I just wish i could lift their spirits. It's a crap job but if we can make it some way enjoyable it might not seem so bad.

Well youv'e got me thinking anyway and I know your ideas will come in handy.

Cheers guys, an Efes will be waiting for you Sue, and for Claire, a Skip and go naked :cheers:


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the company i mentioned before ..had a stress area in the office. it was a area with games connect 4, jenga etc (the large garden versions) & they quiet often would involve these with the motivational games..1 they did with the phone calls, the staff were split into 2 teams (red & yellow) they had 3 words to get into a call, when they had said the 3 words, they could put a disc in the connect 4 ..this went on until a team had the 4 in a row?

looked quiet good fun ...they all seemed to be enjoying themselves .. depends what kind of call centre really, as im not sure your bosses would be to chuffed with games going on while others were working???

umm Skip & go naked!!! ...on my way chick!! ;)
It's hard to think of something wich is nice for everybody. Claire's idea sound nice tough. What always motivates people is a prize ore someting of vallit. Let's be honost most ppl go to work for the give a little award for the best dressed and make the room look lively....Make it a beach-theme and place some palmtreas and coconuts...getting a little bit carried away but you know what I mean !!

Because I am know as GoogleBuster :p this is what I found for ya !!

I think the last one can be really of some help to ya !!

Good luck with it hun :)
Thanks Eline,
Going to be well busy for a while sorting through thia.

Briliiant, a large drink will be waiting for you in Bar St :cheers:
Great Hun, that was what I was aiming for...hahaha... :p
love to be of help to ya !!

And when I drank my Efes, I'll buy you one too !! ;)
flynns08 said:
Hey What About Doing Something Funny Like Getting One Person A Day To Play A Practical Joke On The Whole Team As Long As Its Within Reason .
We Had More Laugh With Some Money Tied To A Piece Of String Or A 50p Glued To The Floor.

I Dunno Its A Hard One To Do All Right


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