sarah n l.j 9th may!!!

hey guys just booked holiday today from 9th may for two long weeks!!going to marmaris for the first couple of days thern bk home to kusadasi!!!!hope i c sum of u there but probly wont remember anyway il be that drunk!!!lol
Yahoooooooo, Sarah, resident lady of La La Land. You will no doubt see me in Paddys. Actually as Sue said in another thread just go around shouting [B]"ANY BBU/COK DELI FORUM MEMBERS HERE???", [/B] and we will be sure to find each other.

See ya soon chick ;)


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I dont think Kusadasi is going to know whats hit it come may!!

Virtually the whole forum will be there at some point during the month :confused:

How come your going to Marmaris Sarah??
well my older sister is coming n shes bin to kusadasi a few times n sed she wants to go sumwhere different!(crazy girl) so we had a compromise we will go to marmaris but im going to kusadasi after a few days she can either stay or go!!!myself id rather just go two weeks in kusadasi!!
Great to hear that another one of the BBU are gonna be there in may hun!! I'll look out for ya!!

We definately all need to arrange a day for a bar crawl, we'll have such a blast, woo hoo

:whistle: im so excited an i just cant hide it:whistle: