Share Your Opinion On My Situation

really hard situation, i agree... I think u better not seing him for a litle while, just to think about it alone n to share it with other people... u ll be less confused after (i think)


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ohh he's married .. you forgot to mention that bit :p

you defiantley need to talk to him ... try & get him round your house, have a few drinks & talk ....maybe hes not happy in his marriage??

just beacuse someones married doesnt stop them having feelings for another person.

the onkly thing you can do is talk about the situation chick

good luck!!!


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NO.....dont leave it!!

you have to talk about it, things will never got back to normal after things like that happen (believe me i know!!)

Even if its just to say, no regrets, but it cant happen again,while your married!

dont loose a good mate over brave & talk about it!! :)


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I have to really try & shut my mouth on this one lol as I totally don't agree with him cheating on his wife, whether he is happy in his marriage or not.

**claire** said:
ohh he's married .. you forgot to mention that bit :p

just beacuse someones married doesnt stop them having feelings for another person.
Yeah, but theres a difference between having feelings for someone when you're married...&...acting on those feelings.

Definately don't just leave it the way it is. As it is so awkward between you's... It's something that really needs to be sorted out for both your sakes as you obviously care for each other. The only way is to talk about it, lack of communication and ignoring what just happened between you, will just make you drift further apart.

Good Luck, I hope you manage to sort your problem out chick.



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That was me that said that :p I am just totally against cheating, especially when you have taken sacred vows of marriage. (god I sound like a right tit, but it's just my opinion)

I know and can understand that it's totally different when it is actually happenening to you. And it's easy for me to sit here and say it's wrong...I have been in a similar situation though (Only the feelings aspect, not actually going through with anything) and had to walk away. At the end of the day feelings for him, or not -he is married to some other lady, and should really have thought about his actions before carrying them out.

Sucks to be in this situation. Sort it out babe <3
I went out with my best male friend for a couple of we havnt spoken in a year. Be careful, if ye get together and break up, ye wont be friends anymore.

Never date you're friends, i learned that the hard way :doh:
toksoz said:
I Know, I Keep Telling Myself The Same Things...... I Feel Selfish..... Your Right, He Is An Ass For Cheating On Her..... And The More I Think About It The Madder I Get, Especially Because He Brings Her To My House For Cay And Talks. How Is It Us Girls Have A Conscience... And To Them It Seems Like Second Nature!!!!! (not All Of You Guys Of Course)x
Ohhh the plot thickens, id kick his ass, but i know what you mean. You're vision of him is all blurry and you wanna think he's an ass but part of you wants him! :confused:
Ya know hon, it seems like you're the only one who is really gonna get hurt in this! It's a nasty situation but what he's doing is not fair on you or the wife and basically he's having his cake and eating it too it seems!
(Currently on offer at Anne Summers)!!!

HOPE I CAN KEEP IT UP. (I mean the pretence not the Rampant Rabbit)
although it wouldnt be a bad thing....

thanks allya.