Things you will take for granted in Turkey....

Turkey does have its plus points over the UK, heres just some of the things that come to mind....

Shop when you want to..... most of the larger supermarkets even smaller shops are open till 10pm in winter and even later in summer.

The abundance of cheap fruit and vegetables all year round - none of this packet merchandise you find in Tescos. Here, your strawberries and cherries are sold by the kilo.

Services and tradesmen will work 7 days and you wont be left with a broken washing machine for 6 weeks like home, service will be round and fixed in a couple of hours!

Whats car tax? Oh and the TV License? and poll tax?
None of these exist here.

The dolmus minibus system - Makes the UK bus service look so victorian.

Finding that you can get the whole weeks shopping in for a family of four and still having change left out of 40 quid.

Anyone got some more????
well it cost us under 20 for 4 of us and we had a full filling meal hehe!
hmmm i always take the being able to get in clubs for granted cas its rubbish when u get back home and are asked for ID :(
Thanks for posting Lee, but really you are really making me feel blue....reading al the + point I wanne leave at once!! Still have to waith for 3 weeks.... :(