What we got up to on my trip

hmmm well my post has been closed so i thought id let u all know what i got upto!
well it took us 6 long hours to get there and it was a fun journey my friend sam was sick in a kfc bag when we were on a posh country lane so we had to dispose of it so we parked into this huge manour and threw it in the carpark but whilst she was running along the paper bag split and went all over her!! :lmao: and also my friend roxanne needed abt 700000000 pees on the way there so we had to keep stopping and we did in a country lane were she got out 4 one but to her surprise a farmer was perving on her so she hid behind a wall and ended up having her pic taken in the process! we as we usually do flirt with passing drivers and we got 1 truck driver to give us his number hehe!

well wen we arrived it was time for tea and the chefs all remember us from last year and hated us!!! they were so mean but we noticed lots of essex teens (mellas good locals) and we saw one boy with long hair so we took him to our room and french plaited his hair (dont ask me why lol) who was named hairball or as the essex people pronouced herbal! we also met his male friend who had tits!!!! which we kept feeling and we named him buzom boi!
well they all ended up with names!!
that night we snuck out abt a million time and got our selves locked out for an hour whilst going for a fag cas the doors needed to be locked!
the 2nd was a lot more fun! we did rockclimbing, aeroball and the most rememberal for me quad biking this is because i was wearing sum rather funky red quarter length red tracksuit trousers and during my turn i crashed once and made a rather small hole in them , then i crashed yet again and my quad landed on top of some rather high tyres with me stuck on it as i tried to get off i ripped my pants from my front to my ass and ended up flashing at everyone! and to make things worst everyone took pics!! i was as red as my trousers! We also found another dead frog and fished it out of our pond into a plkastic cup we then put it in one group of girls toilets so when they went to the loo it was floating!! we denied all knowledge!
we played a real life cluedo game that night and we decided to ask the character rather un nessisary questions such as how often a week do u eat cheese and can they spell ejaculate hehe they were like wtf!! we also did archery and i loved that!!
That night we decided to get wasted to we arranged a dico but all got drunk b4 hand and ended up absolutely wasted and trashing everything! wen we went to our room later we stole 7 bottles or wine from the adults meeting and all their cheese and crackers which we threw onto our ceiling and got stuck! hehe! so we ended up totally drunk running through the woods! we also went to the gorge beach that day it was great!
Well today we had to get up early and pack and then have brekkie then we got to do circus skills (which i absolutely suk at ) and the kingswood challenge and night line so it was a packed morning!
One of our guides was a sex pot from south africa and he brought us some pics of his home and let us try some meat that they eat back there wasnt very nice but it was nice of him! But wen it got to 12.15pm time to leave all the guides came to wave us off because we had been told they all loved us and all fought to teach our group!which was nice!
well i cant think of ewt else to write im sure ill think of something but it was a brill wknd and we miss it now and it was such a shame to go back to rubbish blackburn! ill add my pics as soon as they are developed byeeeeee x :p
ps the only bad thing really to come back to was finding out my friends dad died yesterday and shes sooo upset cas she was having fun and drinking and didnt have a clue of what was happening at home its soooo upsetting :cry: x
LOL thanks for your the story Joey !! Sure you had a very good time....and love to see the pics taken of you.... ;) Very sad to hear form you friends dad....



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x0x_JoAnNe_x0x said:
essex teens (mellas good locals) and we saw one boy with long hair so we took him to our room and french plaited his hair (dont ask me why lol) who was named hairball or as the essex people pronouced herbal!
:D :D :D

Wahoo Sounds like you had a pukka time, chicky!!!

Can't wait to see the picerooni's. Wit woo wit woo boogie boogie!

Sorry to hear about your mates dad...That must really suck, especially when she's so oblivious to what was going on at home.. :(


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Aw just tell her you are really sorry for her loss and that if she needs to talk, or anything - that you are always there for her ect.

There isn't anything you can say that will make her feel better, but you can just try and help her through this terrible time. xxx